How many words can you type per minute? We have the answer with the typing speed test.

How many words can i type per minute

Historical Overview of Typing Speeds From the Humble Beginnings Ever paused to think about the origins of typing? Back in the day, the invention of the typewriter in the late 1800s was revolutionary. This mechanical marvel allowed for more legible and faster writing than handwriting. But, believe it or not, typing was not always as … Read more
Context of remote Work. You learn speed typing here. We have a lot of Blog Posts about Typing.

Typing in the Context of Remote Work: Why It’s More Important Than Ever

The Rise of Remote Work Telecommuting, which was once perceived as a privileged novelty or a bonus offered by forward-thinking companies, has now become an integral part of our day-to-day professional life. This shift, which was gradually happening over the years, was further accelerated due to recent global events. Companies of all sizes, operating in … Read more
Touch Typing to improve your typing speed.

The Art of Touch Typing: Mastering the Skill

Understanding Touch Typing Touch typing is a method that leans heavily on muscle memory to identify keys, freeing the typist from the need to constantly look at the keyboard. The technique places the typist’s fingers on the home row of the keyboard, assigning each key to a particular finger. This strategic placement ensures an effortless … Read more
Typing accuracy. Why it's important to write correct and fast.

Enhancing Typing Accuracy: Tips and Techniques

Understanding Typing Accuracy Typing accuracy, a vital aspect of efficient typing, refers to the percentage of correct keystrokes made per minute, excluding corrected mistakes. The higher the accuracy, the fewer the errors, resulting in lesser time spent on corrections and amendments. Accurate typing is crucial for effective communication. Each word, each letter matters when conveying … Read more
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